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Spirit Manifesting and 3rd-Eye Activation Workshop


This is a one of a kind workshop that utilizes acupuncture, meditation, and journaling exercises to organize the information in your spirit, and align you with your highest visions for all areas of your life.  This workshop will open your intuition, and teach you important principles about the 3rd-eye chakra and it's important role in your spiritual and physical health.


Before the actual day of the workshop, we provide you with a journaling exercise called, "The Vision Pyramid," which helps you prepare fully.  This exercise helps you choose one general area of your life to focus upon (health/wellness, relationships, money, career, etc.), and helps enlighten your perspective by viewing this area from the perspectives of the past, present and future.  The Vision Pyramid encourages you to consider who benefits from your vision, and who can help you acheive it.


During the workshop itself, our licensed acupuncturist, Jennifer Zimmerer, will administer a powerful acupuncture treatment to your forehead that will activate the energy of your 3rd-eye.  Afterwords, our qigong instructor, Adam Holtey, will guide you through a series of meditations to energize your body, and to focus upon the topics your have written about in your journal.  You will utilize important faculties of the 3rd-eye, including contemplation, visualization, and imagination.


This workshop gives you tools that you can utilize time and again to gain clarity, inspiration and insight into all areas of your life.  Through the use of these tools, you will learn to quickly form a plan of action that will see your visions manifested!


This workshop is limited to a small number of participants, and we always provide an early registration discount - so save your spot now! 

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