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Ayurvedic Bodywork

Trishah Neikirk is our Ayurvedic Health Counselor, certified by the Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, California.  Trishah's Ayurvedic bodywork offers a comprehensive approach for  maintaining good health.  

Trishah offers an Ayurvedic Diagnostic & Treatment Session as an introduction to her practice.  This "Ayurvedic Check-Up," assesses internal organ health, the meridian channels, tissues and the energetic body.  The diagnostic is done by a Pulse Consultation (Nadi Vijnanam), and the session also includes treatment in 1-3 Ayurvedic specialties.  The introductory session is 90 minutes. 

Schedule an introductory session with Trishah by calling 541-301-7040, or make an appointment with our online calender.

Ayurvedic Consult

Ayurvedic Diagnostic and Treatment Session

Assessment and treatment in 1-3 Ayurvedic modalities $105 (90 min)

Signature Treatments

Nourishing Massage (Snehana Abhyanga)

Light to medium pressure, warm compresses, & aromatherapy oil provides deep relaxation

$85 (60 min), $105 (90 min)


Deep Tissue Massage (Mamsa Chikitsa)

A deeper pressure treatment focused on releasing specific muscle tension

$85 (60 min), $105 (90 min)

Psoas Release (Abdominal Massage)

Deep tissue therapy for the psoas, the governing muscle of the body.  

$85 (60 min), 3 sessions recommended

Lymphatic Massage (Phenakam)

Pulse consultation, hot stones, gua sha & cupping

$85 (60 min), $145 (2 hr)


Gua Sha Tissue Toning (Rakta Moksha)

Cellulite buster, relieves muscle tension

$55 (30 min or Add-On), $85 (60 min)


$10 add-on to a 60-minute session

$15 add-on to a 90-minute session

Ayurvedic Specialties

Spine Soak (Katti Basti)

Rejuvenates your central nervous system & softens your spine using warm aromatherapy oil

$65 (30 min)

Scalp & Neck Massage (Shiro Abhyanga)

Designed to get you out of your brain and into your body using warm oil, compresses & stones

$105 (60 min), $65 (30 min)

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