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Kristopher Kokay, LAC

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Hello, my name is Kristopher Kokay, I have been practicing acupuncture in the Rouge Valley for over 18 years, helping patients with their healing journeys. Three years ago I started my own healing journey. I developed a serious autoimmune condition similar to MS, called CIDP. I had to stop practicing acupuncture and was eventually bedridden for 2 years. Throughout the entire experience I had communication with my higher self, explaining what was going to happen. All communication was conveyed through feeling or intuition and all of it was very accurate. Before any symptoms, I was told I was going to go through an apocalyptic experience and would loose everything: once the symptoms started I would try every therapy and nothing was going to help. I wouldn't start to heal until I hit absolute bottom. 

Before my journey, my main focus was treating pain, and I still help people with their painful conditions. Acupuncture is very effective in treating pain and I enjoy helping patients resolve their pain related issues. However, I am now more interested in helping patients flow with the current of life. I learned from my own healing journey that we HAVE to experience difficult challenges, whether it's a torn rotator cuff, or a loss of a loved one. If we HAVE to experience these challenges, lets do it with as least resistance as possible: this is emotional intelligence! This is having faith! This is self love!

For over 18 years I have studied various exercises that support this way of moving through life. They are all simple and easy to learn. All it takes is discipline and a desire to stop trying to swim upstream. I look forward to helping you in your healing journey!
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