Meditation & Qigong

Have you been wanting to get started or re-engage in a meditation and/or qigong practice? Well, now's the time! Beginning Saturday, April 4th, we will be offering a weekly class at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. The weekly class will be divided into 2 sessions every Saturday morning, and students are welcome to participate in one or the other, or both sessions.

The first session begins at 7:00am, and runs until 7:45am. We start with a simple movement called "bowing," that brings the mind to the present moment and invigorates the body. After about 15 minutes of bowing, we will practice a sitting meditation for the rest of the first session. This 45 minute session is designed to give you all of the tools, practices and principles you will need to establish your own meditation routine at home.


We will have a short break from 7:45am to 8:00am, at which time we'll begin the second session, which will run until 9:00am. During the second session we will practice a variety of qigong exercises to improve balance, flexibility, concentration, peace of mind and overall vitality. This second session will be very dynamic from week to week, and we will cover many subjects, including 5 element practices, relaxation techniques, the eight pieces of the brocade, joint exercises, and much more.


I hope you can join us on Saturday mornings. Meditation and Qigong are powerful tools that support health, vitality, and transformation in all areas of life. Please call us at 541-301-7040 if you are interested in attending your first class. All are welcome.

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