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Testimonials for Holly Hutchison, LMT

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We're sure there are many of you in our community who have benefitted from the knowledge and skill of Holly Hutchison by her work as a licensed massage therapist. Ever since her arrival to Community Acupuncture + Natural Health in April of 2014, Holly has been growing an ever increasing number of satisfied clients. Holly's patients feel empowered by the various self-care techniques she presribes, which include stretches, taping, postural adjustments, and more. Patients leave a session with Holly understanding what's going on in their body, and what they can do to affect the changes they hope for.

Sharing is always a powerful exerience, so we thought we'd let you hear from a number of Holly's regular clients and what they think of her work, and how they've benefitted from it.

"Holly has worked doggedly on two separate issues in my back and neck; one is chronic, the other injury-related. She combines a deep knowledge of anatomy with an intuitive sense of touch, and goes the extra mile, suggesting stretching and other exercises to promote healing, as well as showing how combining massage with modalities such as acupuncture or chiropractic can be even more beneficial. She always demonstrates her care for my health and has consistently encouraged me to know that I won't always be in pain."

- Jim Doulong, Ashland

"I have been working with Holly for about a year. I am a martial artist, yogi, and have a very active life including housework, gardening and sports. Thanks to Holly I am able to maintain this challenging lifestyle and remain relatively injury and pain-free. Holly is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist, and she intuitively seems to know what my bod​​y needs and


has given me good advice on alternative therapies and other things that can help me stay healthy. When I miss my weekly massage with Holly due to travel or other reasons my body really notices the difference. I am grateful to have Holly as my massage therapist."

- Nancy, Ashland

"The therapy work I've had with Holly is unmatched to any massage work I have ever experienced. Her knowledge and openness to hear me and help me learn what is going on with my body and structural issues is more than I have learned in the past 13 years since the birth of my first child. I am so deeply grateful to have had Holly's intuitive and deep muscle work for the pain I have been dealing with and I highly recommend her for anyone needing caring, strong, and compassionate support in massage therapy."

- Michele P, Ashland

Holly's work is effective, and it is also managable for your pocket book. You can purchase a package of three 1-hour massages with Holly for only $150, or three 1.5-hour massages for only $225. These sessions can be shared with family and friends, or divided into gift certificates. If you'd like to schedule a session with Holly Hutchison, give us a call at 541-301-7040. Or you can schedule online at our website,

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