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Massage Openings this Week

Three of our licensed massage therapists have availability this week for 1-hour or 1.5-hour massage appointments.

Mira Brockelman has availability on Tuesday and Wednesday. Katy Combes, of Ashland, has this to share about Mira's technique:

"Mira has wonderful hands! She brings a wisdom to her massage that is intuitive, strong and deeply relaxing. I came to Mira for help with some stomach discomfort, and I can say that I am now so much better. I find her open, expressive and avery good therapist."

Holly Hutchison has rare openings in her Friday schedule this week, so please take advantage if you've been trying to get in to see her.

Here is what one of Holly's regulars has to say about her work:

" I have been working with Holly for about a year. I am a martial artist, yogi, and have a very active life including housework, gardening, and sports. Thanks to Holly I am able to maintain this challenging lifestyle and remain relatively injury and pain-free. Holly is an excellent therapeutic massage therapist. She intuitively seems to know what my body needs and has given me good advice on alternative therapies and other things that can help me stay healthy. When I miss my weekly massage with Holly due to travel or other reasons my body really notices the difference. I am grateful to have Holly as my massage therapist."

Heather Helard has an opening on Thursday as well as on Saturday this week. Heather has been praised in particular for her ability to provide exceptional deep tissue work while at the same time maintaining a very intuitive and energetic approach.

Here's a word from one of Heather's patients:

"I have experienced intense bouts of neck and shoulder pain. In the past I have hesitated to receive massage as a remedy because some of the therapists that have worked on me have further aggravated the injury. I decided to try Heather at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, and found that she was able to totally alleviate my pain in a single session. I will definitely continue to see her in the future."

At Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, you can receive an hour long session with any of our therapists for as little as $50. 1.5-hour appointments are as low as $75! Read the full bios of our therapists and schedule an appointment online at, or call us today at 541-301-7040.

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