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Qigong Classes Begin Saturday, April 2nd

Our qigong program kicks off this Saturday, April 2nd, with a class from 8:45am to 9:45am, and ALL are welcome! I will provide free instruction on recommended home exercises immediately after the class so that you will walk away with some effective tools to utilize on your own.

The simple and fun exercises in our class systematically clear stagnation through all of the major energy pathways in your energetic anatomy, including your internal organ meridians. When these meridians are flowing unobstructed, your internal organs will function at an optimum level and a natural balance will be restored within you body, mind and spirit.

The full schedule of classes and pricing information are now available on our website, and we have a special offer of a FREE 1-hour massage (a $60 value) if you join for either a 20-class punch card or 3-months of unlimited classes.

Join our program to learn tried and true methods for boosting your vitality and increasing your joy and happiness!

- Adam Holtey, Qigong Enthusiast : )

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