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Qigong Classes in Ashland

In April of 2016 we rebooted our Qigong program at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health and added significant upgrades in content, scheduling convenience and education. Our weekly class schedule follows the 3 Phases of Qigong that are observable in your daily practice, as well as in the cultivation of your energy over a lifetime.

We offer our Phase 1 class every Monday evening at 6:15pm, with the intention of bringing the mind to the body, releasing tension and stress, and relaxing the body, heart and mind. In our Phase 1 class we teach one of the most widely practiced Qigong forms around the world, The Eight Brocades. The Brocades is a comprehensive form that cleanses and energizes the major meridians in the body, and is relatively easy to learn. It is a great tool to have in your tool box for practicing in the park, in your home, or on a break at the office. We also practice specific breathing methods in our Phase 1 class that place an emphasis on trusting your body's inherent wisdom in falling into a natural breathing rhythm that brings peace to the body and mind. Additional enjoyable and beneficial features of our Phase 1 class are the meditations we practice to develop sensitivity to energy by opening the heart chakra.

In our Phase 2 class, currently offered at 5:40pm on Wednesday evenings, we place an emphasis on

centering and accumulating energy into the foundation of the body, the lower dan-tien. We practice intentional abdominal breathing techniques accompanied with specific yoga-like postures that encourage energy to flow to the core, and then circulate through the entire spinal column to purge stagnation from the chakra system. These breathing techniques and their accompanying postures enhance flexibility and resilience in the spine, and are helpful in relieving pain in the lower-back, neck and shoulders. Phase 2 classes also include energy meditations that awaken your sensitivity to energy flowing through the central channel, and help you to cleanse and fortify this pathway from your crown chakra to your root chakra.

Our Phase 3 class is totally unique and exhilarating! For a portion of the class we practice a vibration exercise that releases tension from deep within your body, and allows your mind to connect with regions of your body that are usually inaccessible in regular everyday movements. With the help of rhythmic music, you are encouraged to shake every cell in your body to cleanse, re-energize and enjoy the rhythm! The Phase 3 class greatly enhances your ability to sense energy more deeply within, and more widely outside of your body by raising your energy level and expanding your aura.

All are welcome, and we encourage you to attend any or all of our classes each week. In addition to our classes, we offer a free introductory lecture on the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 10:00am to 11:30am. We offer drop-in rates, punch cards and membership packages for our regular classes, and we will begin supplemental workshops in the Fall.

You can find out more by calling 541-301-7040, or by visiting our website,

Come join our classes soon -- to feel more energy and less pain; more happiness and less stress!

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