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Qigong Workshop on Saturday

In addition to free monthly lectures on qigong principles and practices, Adam Holtey will now be offering intensive qigong workshops every month. These workshops are open to the public and to all levels of experience, and they serve as a healthy supplement to the practices Adam shares in his 3 regular weekly qigong classes at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. The first workshop is this coming Saturday, October 22nd, from 9:00am to 12:30pm.

The October workshop will share qigong exercises that are particularly helpful for the lungs and kidneys during the Fall and Winter months (the seasons of the metal and water elements). During the workshop you will have the opportunity to practice theses methods intensively with a helpful dose of encouragement from Adam and the other participants that join you!

We recommend that you have a light dinner Friday evening, and either fast or have a very light breakfast Saturday morning before the workshop. We will practice 5-element internal organ tapping to help release negative emotional energy and unlock your natural breathing rhythm, so it is helpful not to have a full tummy. After this first exercise you will feel your breath flow more freely, deeply and naturally than perhaps ever before.

The other exercises you will participate in help support bone health, deep breathing, and the accumulation of fresh vitality in your energetic reserves, including your lower dan-tien (the "sea of energy" in your lower abdomen) and through your spinal column.

Come join us for this fun and invigorating event! The cost is $25 for the general public and $20 for students. You can register directly by following this link, or call us at 541-301-7040.

If you are interested in participating in Adam's regularly scheduled qigong classes, now is a great time to start. When you purchase a 20-class punch-card for only $200 you get a FREE 1-hour massage from any of the licensed massage therapists at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health.

The Fall season is the perfect time to let go a bit of busy activity and begin focusing within to restore the vitality of your body, heart and mind. Come join us!

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