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3,000 Bows, A Journey to the New Year

I've prepared this workshop to ready your body, heart and mind for the transition into the New Year. The classes will be held every other Saturday morning beginning November 5th, with the final class on the morning of New Year's Eve, December 31st. As a participant, you must attend one of the first two sessions to join the last 3.

There are several goals I wish to accomplish with this class series. First and foremost, I want to give all participants (myself included) the opportunity to deeply fuse their minds and bodies. Through the Fall season and in the transition to Winter, it is important to shed our negative emotions and wandering thoughts, just as the trees shed their leaves and extend their roots deep into the earth. We accomplish this by anchoring our attention and energy within the body, because our bodies are always grounded in the here and now.

When our thoughts are quiet and our emotions are calm, our attention can penetrate into the core systems of our physical and energetic anatomy, filling our reserves with fresh vitality. Not only do we gain more physical energy, but our consciousness becomes more firmly rooted within our body, stabilizing our emotions and clarifying our thoughts and mental faculties. In this balanced condition of the body, heart and mind, we can tune into our internal compass and trust it to guide us in the right direction.

The other goal of these classes is to organize your thoughts and intentions across the major areas of your life as you head into the New Year. Just as we will draw our energy into the core of our physical being, we will focus our attention on our informational center to energize our thoughts regarding our relationships, health, finances, life-purpose and passions. You will learn effective techniques for identifying and letting go of thoughts that are either untrue or counterproductive, and for creating and cultivating ideas that help you navigate a course to the ideal destination in every facet of your life.

Call me at 541-301-7040 to find out more about this invaluable opportunity to raise your energy heading into the New Year! Or, you can register now and I'll be in touch before our first session on November 5th.

- Adam Holtey

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