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Ann Conners, LMT

Today we welcome a new massage therapist to the staff of Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, Ann Conners. Here are a few words from Ann describing her work:

"As an adamant believer in the healing power of touch, I love having a profession that helps so many people have

better lives. Sensitivity, intuition, and adaptability form the foundation of my massage practice. Client comfort and safety are my chief concerns.

Growing up in the eastern Sierras I spent much of my time hiking and cross country skiing. In school I gravitated towards the fine arts, dabbling in theater, music, ceramics, photography, and figure drawing. My BA in art history was completed in 2006, and in 2011 I discovered my affinity for touch therapy. A good massage includes many elements of artistry and motion, so learning massage felt natural for me.

Personal specialities include classic Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, hot stone, and zen shiatsu. My journey as a therapist has taken me to luxury spas, chiropractic clinics, hospice settings, hospitals, schools, private homes, and business environments. I love working with expecting mothers, and have sought out extra training in proper technique and positioning to assure the comfort and safety of mom and baby. Many of my clients have had special needs, including elders, folks who live with various disabilities, cancer patients, and those on hospice care."

Ann currently offers massage Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. You can schedule online, or call us at 541-301-7040 to book an appointment. You can purchase 3, 1-hour massages for only $150, or 3, 1.5-hour massages for only $225!

To view information about all of our massage therapists and healing services, please visit

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