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Hot Stone Massage

Are you still feeling a bit impatient for that warm weather to return? We live in anticipation of the subtle stirrings of Spring, knowing that it will be weeks, even months, before we start feeling that heat in earnest. Sustain yourself with a hot stone massage. Feel the heat penetrating down to your bones, and feel comfortable in the knowledge that we will soon see the end of the cold weather!

Ann has over five years of experience using therapeutic hot stones. She charges an additional $20 to incorporate 20 heated black basalt stones into your massage session. Our rates are $60 for a 1-hour massage (or a package of 3 for only $150), and $85 for a 1.5-hour massage (or a package of 3 for only $225).

You can schedule an appointment with Ann by using our online calendar, or by calling us at 541-301-7040. She has appointments available as soon as Wednesday, April 19th!

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