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Esalen Massage

Esalen® Massage is known for its healing and nurturing touch; it combines long strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, sculpting of deep musculature and the precision of acupressure. Esalen Massage goes beyond the physical result of bodywork by focusing on energy exchange and psychological well-being. Taught and trademarked by the Esalen Institute, it aims to tune the mind and body together to create a sense of serenity and peace.

We are delighted to have Kayla Kawecki offering Esalen® at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. Kayla was first inspired to practice massage therapy after sustaining serious injuries from a car accident. She was healed through intensive physical therapy and massage, gaining a broader understanding of whole health and the importance of touch. Feeling empowered by her recovery process and those who helped her, she moved to Ashland to study massage.

Kayla attended Ashland Institute of Massage in 2009 and has focused on Esalen massage for the last 6 years. She received a 175 hour certification from Esalen while in Bali, Indonesia in 2011. Following 3 months of practicing massage and yoga in Bali, Kayla dedicated her energy to the art of Esalen massage, enrolling in continuing education workshops in Big Sur, California.

Kayla sees patients Wednesdays through Fridays. You can schedule an appointment today with Kayla online, or give us a call at 541-301-7040.

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