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5 Benefits of Qigong

Since we've just begin rolling out our Qigong programs in 2017, we have been focusing on learning the principles and practices of the 1st Phase in 3 Phase Qigong. There are 5 specific benefits of the first phase that are achieved through very simple but effective exercises.

Benefit #1 - Bringing your mind and body together

This is the first step in any Qigong class. Your body is the "home" for your mind, and when your mind is not at home both the body and mind suffer. When your mind is centered within your body, your body becomes revitalized and your mind becomes more calm and quiet.

Benefit #2 - Releasing physical tension, emotional stress, and excessive mental activity

Most Qigong exercises combine movement with a coordinated pattern of breathing, along with a mental practice of mindfulness and/or visualization. Usually with each movement there is a combination of tension and relaxation, or pushing and pulling, that harmonizes with your inhale and exhale. These characteristics of Qigong exercise are what enable the practice to benefit you on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Benefit #3 - True Relaxation

A portion of our Phase 1 class is a period of relaxation where you are lying down on a mat for several minutes. During this time you are guided in a relaxing meditation. You'll find you are able to relax very deeply, because you will have previously engaged in more active exercise to release physical tension, stress, and mental chatter. This isn't just like crashing onto the couch in your living room. Rather, your mind and body are joined together and you are fully aware of your breath and the sensations in your body.

Benefit #4 - A Return to Naturalness

During the relaxation portion of our Phase 1 class, we practice a particular method of breathing in which you release control of your breath and simply practicing observing your breath continuously, without losing your attention. This breathing method honors your body's innate wisdom and nurtures your confidence in your natural ability to restore balance in your mind and body.

Benefit #5 - Opening Your Heart

This benefit summarizes the primary intention of the Phase 1 class. Although this is a somewhat vague and subjective term, the breathing exercises and energetic meditations you practice in a Phase 1 class help you physically experience the opening of your heart. This is the main objective, because our hearts are not only a bridge to each other, but also a bridge between your mind and body, and the "heaven" and "earth" as phrased in Qigong language.

Come experience these benefits as well as the numerous others you can experience through the practice of Qigong! Our next class is tomorrow night (Monday), from 6:15pm to 7:15pm (or so). All classes are currently offered on a donation basis, and beginners are always welcome! Find out more at


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