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Maintaining Balance

Summer is now in full gear, and it's a time full of excitement and activity. It's also a time when we're prone to "burning out." After all, Summer is the season of the heart, and of the Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the sun shining for so many hours during the day, it's easy to burn the candle at both ends and dry out the Water energy of our kidneys. It is essential for us to take the time to balance our energy through meditation and wisdom appropriate for this time.

Our Water energy is what keeps us grounded, and when it is balanced with our Fire energy, our breathing remains deep and comfortable. When our Water energy is depleted, our Fire energy can get stuck in the heart and rise to the brain and cause excessive emotion and errant thoughts that can end up making us feel anxious, un-grounded and out of balance.

Anxiety is the typical emotional symptom when our Fire element is out of balance. Thankfully, ancient wisdom provides us with insight as to how we can bring the Fire element back into balance. The "Paramita," of Buddhism, are enlightened life practices that act as an antidote to the harmful emotions associated with each of the five elements. In the case of anxiety and the Fire element, the prescriptive life practice is mindfulness, or meditation.

Meditation practice brings stability to the mind and can calm our emotional state. Most of all during the heat of Summer, we want to bring a feeling of peace to our hearts. Here is a helpful affirmation you can use along with your breath to promote a restful mind and a peaceful heart. This affirmation can be repeated in your mind along with your breath - you don't need to say the words out loud, and feel your heart as you practice.

Breathing in, I feel my heart

Breathing out, I release my anxiety

Breathing in, red light fills my heart

Breathing out, I am calm and relaxed

Of course, meditation isn't the only thing that can help cultivate a state of balance. We welcome you to schedule a visit with one of our acupuncturists or massage therapists, and give yourself a time-out to relax and unwind. Or, come join us for a Qigong session.

You can schedule appointments and learn more about our programs by visiting our website, Or give us a call at 541-301-7040.


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