Chinese Medicine Helps Align Global Transitions

Last week, millions of Oregonians (and international travelers) experienced an awe-inspiring solar eclipse. This celestial event symbolized major cultural significance: a massive desire to connect with the cosmos. For so many of us, we feel the world changing and recognize that we must transition to a globally sustainable, conscious, and regenerative culture. As ancient Chinese wisdom has portrayed, nature is constantly changing and transforming. The ability to align ourselves with transitions ultimately determines how we will thrive in this constantly changing world, and now more than ever, our world needs its inhabitants to find ways to make these transitions in harmony with nature.

The people who will need the most guidance in this process are our precious youth. As a parent, the title of this article runs through my head every day; for it is the most important priority of my life and one that I in fact need support with as well. I feel, however, that deep inside of all of us, the solutions are present. We may not know how exactly our lives will change with the seasons and climate, but if we can stay connected to our core selves, our selves that are rooted deep in nature’s wisdom, then we will be prepared for the unexpected. Taoist philosophy comforts us with the assurance that we are meant to align ourselves with the way of the universe and nature as our ancestors had, which is the core of Chinese medicine.

My focus as a Chinese medical practitioner is to help guide my patients, especially the vulnerable yet malleable, growing youth, into inner-alignment with their natural self-healing capabilities. Whether points are stimulated by needles, tapping, brushing, moxa (warming mugwort), or tuina (Chinese massage), patients feel more in tune with their body’s inner workings and feel the qi, or life force, move within. Inner connection is crucial early in life for healthy growth to occur. This leads to a balanced, conscious adulthood, and our nation’s youth will need to have all the inner resources they can get to be leaders and beneficial decision-makers of our intense global future.

Ancient Chinese wisdom conveys the cycles of life through the Five elements and their relations with each other. I relate 5 qualities that need to be cultivated in our youth during these challenging, changing times through these elements, specifically: 1. Reverence (Metal), 2. Adaptation (Water), 3. Vision (Wood), 4. Live Connectivity (Fire), and 5. Self-security (Earth).