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Healing Family Workshops

The Healing Family Workshops at Community Acupuncture and Natural Health provide an opportunity for families of all ages to learn and experience Chinese medical modalities that they can integrate into their lives. Our Healing Family Workshops are held on the 1st Saturday, from 10:00am to 12:00pm, and the 3rd Sunday, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Workshops begin in November on the 1st Saturday, November 4th! You can register your family by clicking here.

We will go into a basic understanding of the elements within and outside of ourselves as well as a sense of dietary and lifestyle balancing. We will learn and practice tuina techniques with acupressure. We will have fun, interactive activities for kids to enjoy. We will also have several different treatment modalities that all who come can experience.

How do parents naturally bond with their children and keep them feeling comforted and healthy during the modern chaos our society traps us in? There are so many activities, material things, events, and lifestyles that are marketed to us every day that make that question seem difficult to answer. Our children can have a completely different understanding of what health is compared to how their parents and especially grandparents were raised and taught to believe, which is why finding a healthy balance of activities, nourishment, and time can be very challenging.

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to align our body's and society's needs with natural rhythms and changes. The philosophy that this medicine is rooted in connects all things through an intricate web, which can be explained through various theories such as the Five Elements and the Six Phases. There are elements in nature and within ourselves that always need to work together in order for life to flow smoothly. There are six phases of energetic pathways in our bodies that also need to work in harmony for our bodies to flow smoothly and adapt to stressors in everyday life.

Just like many others, my children have a variety of emotions and dis-harmonies that arise throughout the day that need to be deeply addressed. One of the most powerful techniques that I've used to bond with them, whether they are sick or just want to relax, is Chinese massage, also known as tuina. The gentle, yet effective ways that our energy as parents can be used to comfort our children provides an intimate experience that becomes ingrained in their physiology.

Healthy touch is one of the most important concepts children need to cultivate at a young age. Our culture is constantly exposed to so many skewed perceptions around physical contact. Now more than ever, our children need to learn from the people they trust the most what consensual, gentle, and nourishing physical connection feels like. With tuina, the child and parent can tune into the feelings that come up in the child's body. The child learns how to be in tuned with the areas of their body that are sensitive and where they need the most attention. If these bonding techniques are used consistently throughout their lives, children will naturally develop security within their body, giving them the ability to differentiate physical contact that is hurtful from that which is helpful. This could prevent so much devastation and trauma that comes from sexual abuse, domestic violence, and bullying.

As the weather gets colder and outdoor activities become limited, these workshops provide a great answer to the question that so many parents cringe at hearing: "I'm bored, what can we do?" Our community space provides a wholesome, holistic option for your family to connect, play, learn, and feel inspired by.

Register your family here:

25$/family and 4 families per class.

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