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Happy Holidays Everyone,

I thought I'd give you a preview of what's happening in December, as it's quite a full month at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. We have special programs in mind, and discounted rates for our services over the holidays.

qigong in Ashland

For those of you interested in our qigong classes, our Community Qigong Class is going on this Friday, December 8th, and again on the 15th, from 6:00 to 7:00pm. I may also be offering a couple of evening classes during the week of the 18th. To stay up to date on all things qigong going on at our studio, please sign-up for our qigong newsletter (it's sent separately from this newsletter) by visiting the qigong page of our website.

Beginning the week of December 11th, we will be offering a bowing class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at 8:00am. Bowing is a very beneficial exercise that builds strength in the core of the lower back, legs and abdomen, and is very meditative. After bowing for 10-15 minutes, the instructor will guide you in a seated meditation, and then take you through the "Eight Pieces of the Brocade" (one of the more popular qigong forms practiced around the world), which will leave you energized and ready to take on your day!

Winter time

We're also beginning a new series of events based around the changing of the seasons. Our first, "Seasonal Celebration," (click on the link for more info) will be held on Thursday evening, December 21st, the Winter Solstice. We're calling this first event, "Tao Talk, Training and Teatime. I will be giving a lecture on the spiritual principles of a qigong practice. Most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of qigong being a discipline for the physical body and the energy body, but what role the spiritual body plays is not as well known. The lecture will explore the nature of our three bodies, their relationship with each other, and what purposes they fulfill. We'll also participate in some introspective activities to prepare for the coming New Year, and have some time for mingling, tea drinking and discussion as well. This first Seasonal Celebration is limited to 20 participants, and you can register now through our online calendar.


Now to acupuncture news! We saw such an incredible response to our recent promotion of 5 sessions for $100, that we wanted to continue the concept in some fashion. We've decided to keep a package option at a discount from our usual rates, to continue promoting the concept of coming in for frequent visits - this is how patients really experience lasting results. Since we save overhead costs by not employing a receptionist, it is a great help to our acupuncturists when you purchase a package of acupuncture sessions because it allows them to focus more on treatment than on processing payments - it's a win win! We've set the rate for a 5 session package at $115, and the sessions must be used within a 40 day period. We also ask that only 1 individual use the treatments in a package. These packages can now be purchased online.

Make sure to remember our studio as a source of great gift options for the holidays. Call us anytime, at 541-301-7040, to purchase a gift certificate.

Happy Holidays!

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