Tao Talk, Training & Teatime

Solstice Celebration!

Join us on the Winter Solstice, Thursday, December 21st, for our first Seasonal Celebration, "Tao Talk, Training and Teatime!" We'll get started with our scheduled program at 6:30pm, and finish up around 8:00pm. Registration information follows the event description below.

Adam Holtey starts the evening off with a lecture, "The Spirit in Qigong," in which he discusses the nature of the 3 bodies: physical, energetic and spiritual. Adam draws upon Taoist philosophy, and his knowledge of the principles and practice of qigong, to describe the relationships between the body, energy, the mind, and Tao.

What is Tao? What is the significance of Tao in our daily lives? Adam's lecture will address these questions, and presents a simple summary of methods we can utilize to train the mind and body to be in harmony themselves, and with their environment.

After the lecture, we'll participate in a simple meditative exercise called, "bowing." The style is the same as what we practice in our qigong classes at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, and most closely resembles postures from the Korean Zen tradition (It's very simple, you basically just bow down upon the ground, stand back up, and repeat). The bowing exercise is perfect for preparing the mind and body for meditation, and we will join together in a guided meditation immediately after the bowing, and practice feeling our energy body.

Once the meditation is finished, we'll enjoy some hot tea, mingle, and discuss our experience of the evening together!

This event will be limited to 20 participants, and we ask that you bring a comfortable cushion to sit on during the lecture and meditation. We will provide a yoga mat for you to sit on, and for practicing the bowing exercise.

You must pre-register through our online calendar, or by calling 541-301-7040, by Tuesday, December 19th. The fee for the event is $15 per person.

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