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5 Element Qigong Workshop

The changing of the seasons provides a regular opportunity for us to reflect on the breadth of healing principles and practices in the Five Element framework of traditional Chinese medicine. The coming equinox is a time of transition from Winter, the Water element, to Spring, the Wood element; Winter lingers and Spring is on it's way. Join us on Tuesday evening, March 20th, for a fun and informative workshop on the 5 Elements, and learn Qigong practices that are especially beneficial as we welcome Spring.

The direction of the Water element is north, which we usually associate with colder climates, shorter days and long nights. It's during the Winter months of the Water element that we're drawn to stay in doors next to a warm fire, which naturally draws our attention inward; we become less physically active, but our intellect has time to exercise. Perhaps that is why in 5 element theory the Water element is associated with wisdom and the cultivation of ethics.

The direction of the Wood element is east, which we associate most of all with the rising sun, symbolizing the return of longer days and warmer weather. The virtues of the Wood element are kindness and patience, that we must practice as the new flowers of Spring slowly begin to bloom.

We can look to nature to inform us of what we need to develop within ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally in order to thrive throughout the year. Each element is associated with a negative or harmful emotion. For Water, that negative emotions is anxiety; for Wood it is anger. Qigong can help us to systematically release the negative emotions of these elements through our movement, breathe and visualization.

Each element is also associated with positive attributes that we can cultivate with Qigong practices. When we focus on practices for the Water element we develop vitality, gentleness and wisdom. For the Wood element we develop flexibility, kindness and patience.

During the workshop we'll practice specific Qigong forms for the Water and Wood element, as well as some general exercises that benefit all of the Elements as a whole. We'll learn simple meditations that take you through the natural cycle of the Elements, to either release negativity or circulate positive energy. We'll share materials during the workshop that will make it easy for you to continue these practices at home.

The workshop will start at 6:30pm and finish up around 8:00pm on Tuesday, March 20th. You can register online by clicking here, or give us a call at 541-301-7040 to save your spot. The cost of the workshop is $15, or $25 for couples.

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