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5 Element Anatomy

The seasons are changing, and this is officially our last day of Winter before the Spring Solstice tomorrow. I am going to teach the Phase 1 Qigong class this evening at 6:30pm, and I'll be including some new "Spring cleaning" exercises that help detoxify and refresh the internal organs and activate the lower dan-tien. The exercises demonstrate a core principle of Qigong practice, "fire energy down, water energy up," which I'll explain in more detail during and after the class. The exercises this evening will be expanded in my 5-Element Qigong Workshop tomorrow evening from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Our classes have gotten off to a great start and you're welcome to join anytime! We now have a 1-week trial if you'd like to sample the program. The trial offer allows you 3 classes (so you can experience each of our 3 unique styles) and expires after 2 weeks. You can also attend any of the "Qigong Bowing Meditation" classes at 7am on Tuesday/Thursday and 8am on Saturday, without them counting as one of your 3 classes.

Keep in mind that our Qigong memberships are 25% off through the month of March! With a membership you also receive 10% off ALL of our other services, including acupuncture, massage and special workshops! Click here to find out more information about our class memberships and our pre-packaged "Wellness Bundles" that give you extra discounts and benefits. We now have a 12 class punchcard available for those of you who can only attend once a week or so.

I look forward to seeing you for Qigong!

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