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Qigong Workshop, Tomorrow!

We now have Qigong classes 5 days a week, and we're moving forward with a regular schedule of special workshops on all things Qigong. We held our first "5-Element Qigong" workshop last week, and there was so much to share that we realized we need to hold these workshops more often. There are so many helpful principles in the 5-Element framework, and Qigong is a perfect way to apply them in a mind-body practice. You can learn about our regular Qigong classes by attending the "3-Phase Qigong Program Overview" on Saturday, April 7th -- tomorrow!

3-Phase Qigong Program Overview

This workshop is tomorrow from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Join us and experience the 3 different styles of Qigong classes we offer at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. The workshop begins with about an hour of lecture on the principles of 3-Phase Qigong, followed by three "mini" classes: Phase 1 (relaxation), Phase 2 (accumulation), and Phase 3 (circulation). The workshop stands alone as a great Qi experience, and gives you a vision of what you can achieve by regularly attending Qigong classes. You can register for the workshop by clicking here.

Class Packages

We offer a wide-range of packages for Qigong classes, including a trial class. Prices range from as low as $8 per class with the current prices on our memberships, to $15 for a single trial session. We also offer punchcards. Check out more information on our pricing and schedule by clicking here.

General Qigong Announcements

Our regular 9:30am "Vibration Class," on Saturday morning, will be cancelled on April 7th so we can offer the 3-Phase Qigong Preview workshop.

Thanks for tuning in to all things Qigong!


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