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Qigong: Workshops, Private Sessions, Group Classes!

Monthly Qigong Workshops

The expansion of our Qigong program continues, with our first "Exploring Qigong" workshop this Saturday, April 28th. These workshops are held on the last Saturday of every month, from 10:00 to 12:30pm, and anyone is welcome to participate. Our monthly meetings give us an opportunity to explore general areas of Qigong principle and practice in more detail, such as the 5 elements according to traditional Chinese medicine, breathing practices, meditation techniques, energy healing, and many more.

For our first workshop this Saturday, we're going to practice (among other things) 5 Element Qigong. These are simple movements, coordinated with the breath and intention, for each of the elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In our practice of these forms, we'll observe the similarities between 5 Element Qigong and other popular forms, such as the Eight Brocades.

We'll also practice meditation for the 5 elements. These meditations are visualizations and affirmations, utilizing the healing colors and emotional virtues associated with each element. It is Springtime, a great opportunity for us to plant the seeds of the energy we want to grow throughout the year!

Registration for this workshop closes on Thursday, so make sure to sign-up now to reserve your space!

Private Qigong Classes

Another new addition to our Qigong program are private classes! If you want to experience the healing potential of Qigong -- and the group class format is not the right fit for you -- than private sessions are an ideal option. In a private session the exercises are tailored to help you reach your individual goals, and materials are provided (DVDs, etc), for you to quickly get proficient in a home-exercise routine.

Adam Holtey has been teaching Qigong for over 15 years, and now offers private Qigong sessions at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, in Ashland, and out of a healing space in Central Point. Adam can also provide private or small group sessions on location at your home or business. If you want to know more about private sessions, please give Adam a call at 541-301-7040. Or, you can schedule a private session with Adam at the Ashland location by clicking here.

Zen Bowing Exercise Marathon!

Twice a year we take the journey to 1,000 bows. This process is wonderfully healing, as it unites the mind and body at a very deep level. We start on Saturday, May 19th, with a practice of 300 bows, and increase that number every Saturday until we do 1,000 on June 9th!

The Zen style bowing exercise is so simple to perform, allowing the mind and body to merge in a rejuvenating flow. It is certainly challenging the greater the number of bows you practice, but with this challenge comes the benefit of witnessing the profound healing that occurs when the mind is deeply unified with the body. The repetitive nature of the bows draws the mind continually back to the body, and to the breath, allowing energy to be absorbed deep into the bones to restore reserves of essential energy and vitality.

As you move deeper and deeper into the flow of the bowing exercise, your physical body is often forgotten, as you become immersed in your energetic and spiritual (mental) bodies. As your physical body tires, you begin to rely on your emotional/energetic and spiritual/mental stamina; and this becomes a way in which you grow your energetic and spiritual vitality, and increase your well-being at every level.

Register for the Zen Bowing Exercise Marathon by clicking here!

Qigong Group Class Schedule

With all of our great opportunities for Qigong, don't forget about our weekly schedule of group classes. Check out all the info at the Qigong page of our website!

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