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Qigong Trainings!

We have two special Qigong trainings this month! We begin our "Journey to 1,000 Bows," on Saturday, May 19th, and our next "Exploring Qigong" workshop is on Saturday, May 26th.

The greatest benefit of the bowing exercise, which is the primary practice in the Journey to 1,000 Bows, is how it unifies the body and the mind. In my Qigong training, I have done many bows; and as a father of two, I have made a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. I've found that peanut butter provides the perfect metaphor for describing the process of mind and body unification (be warned, this metaphor does not work with "pre-stirred" peanut butters).

The oil in the jar represents the mind, and the peanut butter the physical body. The first thing we need is a little bit of kinetic activity to mix things up! In the case of the oil and the peanuts, we stir them up; and some times this is kind of a pain in the butt. Bowing does not usually cause pain in the rear-end, but it certainly will make your legs sore when you practice a lot of repetitions, or when you're doing the exercise for the first time. The point here is that to unite the mind and body some kind of physical activity is very helpful; and the simpler, the better. The bowing exercise involves the movement of the whole body, and it raises our physical vibration so that our bodies can absorb our mind, just as the peanut butter absorbs the oil.

As the Qigong adage goes, "where the mind goes, energy flows." When our mind is absorbed into the body, we re-energize physically at a very deep level. At the same time, our mind is stabilized within the body, and is less apt to wonder or become excessively emotional.

We begin the Journey to 1,000 bows by practicing 300 repetitions on Saturday, May 19th, from 7:30 to 8:45am. We practice 500 bows the following Saturday, then 700 the next, and culminate with 1,000 bows on Saturday, June 9th. After each session of bowing, we will practice the method of 3 Phase Meditation. This workshop is a bi-annual training that we practice at each solstice. You can register for the sessions by clicking here, and give me a call anytime, at 541-301-7040, if you have any questions.

Our second, "Exploring Qigong," workshop is Saturday, May 26th, from 10:00am to 12:30pm. I am very excited to offer this workshop, as it is the first time I will be presenting "3 Phase Breathing!" This has been a profound practice for me, and I look forward to sharing it. The healing effects are incredible, and feel almost miraculous as you master the technique. With practice, you'll feel a phenomenal accumulation of vitality in the lower abdomen, and a circulation of this healing energy through the entire spinal column, and extending through the crown chakra. 3 Phase Breathing is a technique that will deepen any meditative, energetic, or physical practice. You can register for this workshop by clicking here, and again, feel free to call me at 541-301-7040 if you have any questions.

If you're interested in joining our regular Qigong classes, we have a full weekly schedule. You can sign-up for classes online, and we currently have a promo code, qigong15, that will get you 15% off any of our class packages! Once you sign-up for our regular classes, you'll receive discounts on our workshops!

We hope you join us soon to explore the healing potential of Qigong!


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