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Lunar Breath, Lunar Vision

Saturday, August 11th is a new moon, and we will honor the "master of the tide" by practicing a Qigong technique of Wave Breathing. In one facet of the practice, we move energy from the root to the crown, and vice versa, just as the tide moves up and down the shore. Another aspect of the Wave Breathing technique involves the locking and unlocking of both the internal and external chakras to circulate energy to specific regions of our energetic anatomy. The Wave Breathing technique integrates the conventional perception of breathing, involving the intake of oxygen and expulsion of carbon dioxide from the lungs, with the less commonly regarded energetic breath that occurs throughout the entire body via the system of acupuncture points and chakras, or energy centers.

The Lunar Vision encompasses both the grand singular vision that is symbolic of the full moon, as well as the light of each individual star that is revealed at the time of every new moon. The visioning component of this workshop on the 11th explores both the over-arching vision of our lives, as well as the individual goals we aspire to achieve in each of the unique areas of our lives: our health, relationships, finances, recreation and mission. We'll utilize techniques from my new book, "The Quadrant and 3 Phases," that share many innovative methods for accessing the truth we seek to guide us along our life path.

Be sure to join us on Saturday, August 11th, from 9:30am to 12:30pm for exercises in breathwork and energy meditation, and exciting journaling and reflective exercises for exploring our life purpose! Sign up by clicking here, or call 541-301-7040 to register.

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