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10% Off Through Labor Day!

We're promoting several of the unique modalities we offer, including our Ayurvedic therapies, Esalen Massage, Lomi Lomi and Myofascial, and extending our 10% off sale through Labor Day! You can now purchase any individual session, or a package of sessions, and receive 10% off when you enter the promo code SELFCARE at check out. You can make the purchase online, or schedule and pay for your session by phone (541-301-7040) or by using our online calendar and receive the discount when you pay in-person.

This promotion applies to all Esalen massage sessions with Kayla Kawecki, Lomi Lomi with Maureen Boksa, and Myofascial work with Trishah Neikirk. It also applies to all of the unique Ayurvedic therapies we offer, including an initial diagnostic session, scalp and neck massage, spine soaks, cupping and gua sha, lymphatic massage and abdominal massage!

Find out more at

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