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Expanded Hours, New Practitioners

Licensed acupuncturist, Yvette Bedrossian, is expanding our Community Acupuncture hours by offering availability on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Yvette will also be available for private acupuncture sessions. Here's a bit more about Yvette:

Yvette started caring for the sick at the age of 16 as a certified nursing assistant in nursing homes and hospitals. She then started practicing as a Registered Nurse in 2004, specializing in Cardiology. After working as a travel nurse and gaining experience in orthopedics, internal medicine, peri-operative care and outpatient family medicine, she studied Chinese Medicine and herbology at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, TX. Now she combines the two approaches to find the most effective treatment strategies for her patients on an individual basis. Yvette is a general practitioner, particularly passionate about pain management, detox, mental clarity, digestive health and cardiovascular health. She enjoys supporting those on their journey to achieve their wellness goals, especially for patients with chronic conditions.

You can book a session with Yvette in either our community setting, or in a private appointment.

Beth Warren is another new member of our team, and brings a unique skill set to her massage therapy practice. Beth is effective in getting you free from pain, through a therapeutic massage modality called neuromuscular therapy. Here's a bit more about Beth and her practice:

A graduate of Mountain Heart School of Bodywork in Crested Butte, Colorado, Beth Ann Warren has been helping to restore balance as a massage therapist since 2012. She relocated to Southern Oregon and has been serving the local community for the past few years. Her education and practice include many modalities, primarily Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapies as well as Prenatal and Internal Organ Massage.

Neuromuscular Therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage that is used as a way of 'resetting' muscles and communicating to the nervous system through a series of soft tissue manipulation and interactive muscular contractions. It can provide relief from chronic pain by addressing trigger points and releasing fascia.

Internal Organ Massage is a specialized therapy that can contribute to improved organ function and further allow for detoxification, improved digestion and increased fertility while enhancing the immune system.

Beth believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness and can assist you in addressing the underlying thoughts or beliefs that may be influencing your health. She provides an intuitive massage based on a client’s individual needs and can also incorporate energetic work, visualizations, and somatic listening to assist in healing the mind/body connection. Always looking to further her education and knowledge, she is currently expanding her focus to include youth who struggle with anxiety and depression.

Book a session with Beth today!

To find out more about all of the services at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, give us a call at 541-301-7040, or visit our website.

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