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100 Free Qigong Classes

That's right, we're giving away 100 Free Qigong classes! Now is a great time to explore this ancient healing modality, that shows you how to use simple movements in coordination with your breath and visualization to relieve pain, improve balance and flexibility, and maintain emotional and mental peace and well-being. Anyone can learn and practice Qigong, and no experience is necessary to attend our classes.

We're giving away a free Qigong class with every massage you purchase (that means you get 3 free classes when you purchase a 3-pack of massage). You'll receive 2 free classes each time you purchase a private acupuncture session; or when you purchase a 5-pack of community acupuncture sessions. The Qigong classes will be distributed until the 100 free passes are gone - so first come first serve!

We've got openings for massage, and private or community acupuncture sessions, 6-7 days a week, including on Sundays. Book an appointment online today, or call us anytime at 541-301-7040.

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