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Qigong Vibration

Saturday Qigong

Join us Saturday morning at 10am for our Phase 3 Qigong class, otherwise known as "Vibration Training!" During this class we spend a portion of at least 10 minutes or so shaking, dancing and vibrating with rhythmic music, to release tension and bring the mind and body together in a joyous harmony. There are no dance moves to learn for this exercise - you can just close your eyes and follow your own flow - or listen to the suggestions from your instructor. You'll reap the most benefits from this training when you release your self-consciousness, and our class environment is very supportive in helping you achieve this.

The Phase 3 class begins with gentle warm-up exercises, most specifically the "Eight Brocades," one of the oldest and most widely practiced Qigong forms. It's such a validation for Qigong that it's movements have been practiced in essentially the exact same way for thousands of years, because people haven't changed all that much during that time: we still have the same meridian system; the same internal organs; a brain; and a body that needs to move and breathe to be healthy and happy.

If you've never joined a Qigong class at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, we invite you to come try a session for free. If you'd like to sign-up as a member, our memberships are 20% off through the end of 2018. You can also pay by the class or purchase a punchcard.

Private Qigong Sessions

Often people prefer to have private Qigong sessions, and we now offer hours for these as well - especially for folks who'd like to try it out before they join a group class. If you'd like to have a private session you can view available hours by clicking this link.

Stay in the Loop

If you'd like to stay up to date with all of the Qigong classes and workshops that happen at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, visit our Qigong Page and submit the form that gets you on the "Qigong Report" mailing list. That way you'll be informed whenever we have a special class or workshop, or whenever we have a change in the schedule.

Hope to see you for Qigong soon!


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