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There's Still Time!

We've discounted our bundles of Acupuncture, Massage, Ayurvedic Therapy and Qigong classes for the Holidays! Take a look at the reduced prices we've created, just for gift-card purchases, of Swedish deep-tissue massage, specialty massage, private acupuncture, qigong classes, and ayurvedic therapies such as lymphatic massage (Phenakam), nourishing massage (Snehana Abhyanga) and deep-tissue (Mamsa Chikitsa). You can make these purchases yourself, and have an electronic card emailed to the recipient on the date of your choice! Plus, you can choose the design of the gift-card and print out a paper copy if you'd like to deliver the present in person. And, if you have any trouble -- just give us a call and we'll create the gift-card for you (541) 301-7040!

What's more? The recipient of your gift can share the bundle of treatments with whomever they choose: that's a great gift idea for the couples or families on your list! As you may know, our bundles are already discounted from the prices of individual treatments, but we've discounted them even more for this special gift-card sale that ends on Christmas Day!

Sale Prices (theses are just a few of them)

  • 3 pack, Swedish Deep-Tissue, $155 (normally $165)

  • 3 pack, Specialty Massage (myofascial, Esalen, and more), $225 (normally $240)

  • 3 pack, Lymphatic Massage (phenakam), $225 (normally $240)

  • 5 private acupuncture treatments, $405 (normally $450)

Those are just a few selections from our whole list of discounted gift-cards. Visit our Online Store to purchase your gift-card before Christmas!

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