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Sunday Acupuncture Hours!


Come on in on Sunday, January 20th, for a Community Acupuncture treatment; private sessions are also available. Yvette Bedrossian has hours beginning at 10:00am and has openings all through the afternoon. Sunday hours are now a part of our regular weekly schedule! A single session of Community Acupuncture is only $25, and you can purchase a package of 5 treatments for only $115.

Yvette is also offering hours on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, again starting at 10:00am. You can book an appointment online, or give us a call at 541-301-7040.

Another way to get your Qi flowing is to join a Qigong class on Monday evening at 6:30pm, with instructor Caley O'Brien. The emphasis of the Monday class is relaxation, and opening the heart. You'll find that by the end of the session your mind and body are fused in perfect harmony. We have a full weekly schedule of Qigong classes, and we also offer private instruction with our lead instructor, Adam Holtey.

We have some great sale prices going on for our other services, including all of our massage modalities and Ayurvedic bodywork. You can check out those specials by viewing this recent blog post.

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend, and use the opportunity for some self-healing and relaxation!

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