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Ayurvedic Treatments, Discounts

Are you looking for something more in self-care?

Ayurveda means "science of longevity," or "knowledge of life," and is a healing tradition of many thousands of years. Through September 1st we are offering discounted Ayurvedic assessment, diagnostic and treatment sessions.

An Ayurvedic assessment evaluates internal organ health, the meridian channels, tissues and the energetic body; it includes a Pulse Consultation (Nadi Vijnanam), and 1-3 Ayurvedic bodywork therapies such as internal organ massage, psoas release or others. The entire session is 90 minutes.

Trishah Neikirk is our Ayurvedic Health Counselor, certified by the Dyhana Center in Sebastopol, California. At the conclusion of your Ayurvedic assessment she may recommend dietary remedies, herbal treatments, additional bodywork and/or lifestyle suggestions based on your energetic constitution.

Ayurvedic sessions with Trishah are an essential component of primary care, giving you an understanding of your physical/energetic/psychological make-up, and providing you with the wisdom and tools to bring all elements of your being into balance.  

We have drastically reduced the pricing on all of our Ayurvedic sessions. A great way to get started is with the "Assessment, Diagnostic & Initial Treatment." Click the link below to see all of the options, or give us a call. 



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