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Calligraphy, It's Qigong!

I've found a new passion in the art of Chinese Calligraphy (I am such a novice that I doubt that's even the proper name for it). With the help of a wonderful teacher who presents the practice in the same terms and energy as Qigong, I've come to realize that the two disciplines can be considered as one. When I am practicing Qigong I see each movement as a stroke of the brush; and when I am practicing calligraphy each stroke of the brush contains movement, breath, and intention.

The details are being worked out, but calligraphy will soon be an offering of the Qigong Club at Community Acupuncture and Natural Health. Qigong practice is the core activity of the club, but we will be supplementing with art, music, and meals (created from locally grown produce).

It's only $39 a month to join the club, and you can attend two Saturday sessions and at least 4 Thursday evenings sessions every month. You'll receive discounts on the additional activities organized by the club. Click here to see the schedule!

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