Coronavirus (COVID-19)

New Protocols

In light of the recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have implemented several precautionary measures in line with recommendations from the CDC and other governmental agencies. We also want to remind you of some proactive measures you can take to keep your immune system operating at full steam.

  1. You’ll see the sign on the door as a reminder when you come in to please head straight to the bathroom to give your hands a good washing. We also have a bathroom down the hall you can use (just ask us for the key).

  2. Community Acupuncture Sessions are temporarily limited to 2 patients at a time in order to maintain a healthy distance. Private sessions will be offered as usual.

  3. If you have had a fever within 72-hours please let us know and we will reschedule your appointment to a future date. This window has been extended from the usual 24-hour period for extra caution.

  4. We’ve lightened the enforcement of our “speak quietly” policy. In order to not have to whisper into each other’s ears and maintain a good “social distance,” feel free to raise your voice a bit.

  5. Qigong Classes are cancelled for the time-being, but we do have DVD’s available for purchase from our studio and we are working on some online platforms (please send your suggestions).

What You Can Do

Chinese Medicine can help! There is a concept in Chinese Medicine call Wei Qi, which is our outer defense system that protects us from pathogenic influences like an invading viral infection. Regular acupuncture is one great way to strengthen your Wei Qi. One of our favorite herbal formulas we use for this is called Yu Ping Feng San, which translates to “Guard Against the Wind” – think of wind as the carrier for airborne pathogens that affect our respiratory system. Remember that wearing a scarf is a simple way of protecting the neck from the cold wind and regular Qigong practice maintains the Wei Qi that can be challenged by everyday stressors, both physical and emotional. Here’s another article that speaks to the healing power of Chinese Medicine when it comes to treating the Coronavirus specifically.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding our online Qigong platform – we want to keep this incredible healing resource available to you to practice.

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