Dates Set For Reopening!

Vanessa Hajje L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist Vanessa Hajje resumes Community Acupuncture on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning next week. Vanessa and Yvette Bedrossian are both currently available for Private Acupuncture.

To adhere to social distancing requirements we can only see 2 patients at a time for Community Acupuncture. As a result we've needed to raise our Community rates to $45 per session or 5 sessions for $200.


We expect to be open for "non-medical" massage appointments beginning next week; we are working right now to roll out our schedule of availability. In the meantime we are seeing patients for medical massage, which includes massage covered by Motor Vehicle Accident Coverage. We can also see you if you have a referral from your doctor.

Wellness Network

During this time when we have been limited in our capacity to deliver our regular services we have been developing our Wellness Network with videos you can rent or purchase from our homepage. The first channel we've created, the "Qigong Channel," is already full of awesome exercise videos and audio meditations to guide you in stretching, breathing, relaxation, and more! Click below to see previews of the videos on our homepage.

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