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Essential Oils, Reopening

Stephanie Holtey, Wellness Advocate

We'd like to introduce Stephanie Holtey as the Essential Oil Resource at Community Acupuncture and Natural Health. She is thrilled to learn about your interests and health goals, so she can help you choose solutions that you can use everyday to support a healthy lifestyle. From mind and mood, to aches and pains, green living and so much more. Connect with Stephanie today by filling out this simple form

5 Element Meditation

Adam Holtey has posted a new audio meditation available to you for free this week. Lie down, relax, listen along, and recharge your energy by visualizing the healing colors of the 5 Elements. The meditation guides you in fostering the positive physical sensations associated with each Element. It's amazing how these meditations work!

Reopening This Week

Licensed Acupuncturist Vanessa Hajje resumes Community Acupuncture on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning this week. Vanessa and Yvette Bedrossian are both available for Private Acupuncture.

To adhere to social distancing requirements we can only see 2 patients at a time for Community Acupuncture. As a result we've needed to raise our Community rates to $45 per session or 5 sessions for $200.

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