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It's Autumn, Be Well


We're back to a regular schedule for acupuncture and offer appointments Sunday through Thursday. Book a private treatment today or schedule a community session. A limited number of hours are available for massage so make sure to schedule ahead of time to reserve your slot.

Nutrition Blog

We are coordinating with Rogue Produce to provide you information on resources for healthy local foods, herbs, and more. Acupuncturist Yvette Bedrossian has written our first informative article on the benefits of raw milk. The article also provides resources for acquiring your own weekly share!

The Tao Channel

Adam Holtey has launced a one-stop online resource for all of the materials he shares in his Qigong classes and worksops, The Tao Channel. Subscribe to this growing library of videos, audio meditations, and life-coaching tips. The latest videos share journaling exercises for soul-searching - it's more important than ever to clarify your intentions and action plans for living a fulfilling and joyful life! 

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