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Kris Kokay, L.Ac. Triumphant Return!

An Inspiring Story

As the owner of VeriWell, I consider Kris Kokay as a founding father of our studio! Kris and I met over 20 years ago when we studied Qigong together in Ashland. Back in 2008, when VeriWell was at its original location in Central Point, Kris was the first to recommend that I add acupuncture as a complimentary service to the Qigong programs I was offering. Kris came on board and stayed with us as we transitioned to Ashland, and eventually opened his own community acupuncture clinic in Phoenix, where he helped hundreds of patients along a path of healing.

After practicing acupuncture for over 18 years, Kris experienced a dramatic health crisis a few years ago. Here's how Kris describes it in his own words.

"I developed a serious autoimmune condition similar to MS, called CIDP. I had to stop practicing acupuncture and was eventually bedridden for 2 years. Throughout the entire experience I had communication with my higher self, explaining what was going to happen. All communication was conveyed through feeling or intuition and all of it was very accurate. Before any symptoms, I was told I was going to go through an apocalyptic experience and would loose everything: once the symptoms started I would try every therapy and nothing was going to help. I wouldn't start to heal until I hit absolute bottom."

"Before my journey, my main focus was treating pain, and I still help people with their painful conditions. Acupuncture is very effective in treating pain and I enjoy helping patients resolve their pain related issues. However, I am now more interested in helping patients flow with the current of life. I learned from my own healing journey that we HAVE to experience difficult challenges, whether it's a torn rotator cuff, or a loss of a loved one. If we HAVE to experience these challenges, lets do it with as least resistance as possible: this is emotional intelligence! This is having faith! This is self love!"

I am so grateful that Kris made it triumphantly through his crisis, and it's even sweeter that he can return to practice at VeriWell. Kris will begin seeing patients on Friday, December 17. We are in the process of contracting Kris with insurance providers, so in the meantime he is available to see patients paying out of pocket.

You'll hear more from Kris in the months ahead, and if you'd like to book a session with him you can schedule online, or call us at 541-301-7040.

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