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Last Day to Buy $125 Acupuncture Package!

Effective 9/23/19, we are raising our community acupuncture prices to $35 per session and a package of 5 sessions to $150. We're doing this in order to continue to give you optimal care by providing our practitioners with reception assistance so they can focus more on your treatment. And, you'll now receive FREE Qigong classes when you receive regular acupuncture, massage, or ayurvedic sessions (read below).  You might want to purchase a package or two of acupuncture before the 23rd (just keep in mind the sessions in a package expire after 3 months).

FREE Qigong!

That's right! Our new policy is that if you've received an acupuncture, ayurvedic, or massage session in the 21 days prior to any Qigong class you attend your class is FREE!

Adam Holtey will be teaching a 2.5-hour Qigong marathon every 3rd Saturday, and rotating instructors will teach weekly on Thursday evenings and soon on Saturday mornings!

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