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Qigong for Back Pain

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

It's been a busy time for me since the COVID crisis hit hard in March. My business, Rogue Produce, has been doing more weekly home deliveries of fresh produce to residents of Southern Oregon than ever before. That means a lot of desk work and computer time for me; which causes quite an uproar from my lower back! A couple of weeks ago I got serious about practicing the "Phase 2" Qigong exercises I have been teaching for many years. These exercises relieve my back pain like a miracle. Check out my video, Qigong for Back Pain (I've made it available for free on my Qigong Channel for a short time), and see how they can work for you!

Massage therapy is back on the calendar! Katie Dillhoff, Kayla Kawecki, and Willow Humphrey all have hours available. Schedule online now or call 541-301-7040. We bill insurance with most major providers including First Choice, Regence, and Providence.

Hours are also available for Private Acupuncture or Community Sessions. Schedule online now with Yvette Bedrossian or Vanessa Hajje. Summer is slowing down and it's an important time to re-set your energy and prepare your body and mind as we begin the transition into Autumn.

Did you know that Rogue Produce offers home delivery of fresh produce and food products from local small farms and businesses - it is essentially an Online Farmers Market with home delivery! We will be partnering with this service soon to offer you information about healthy local products such as veggies, fruits, honey, teas, bone-broths, juices, herbs, and much more. Stay tuned!

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