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Qigong for Wintertime

We’re still in the thick of Winter and it’s the ideal time to be practicing Qigong for the Water Element. The Water Element governs the kidneys and the bladder, and these meridians flow up the inside of the legs and the front of the body; and down the back of the body and the outside of the legs. The Qigong form for the Water Element is similar to the 5th Brocade, “The Deer Wags Its Tail,” gently exercising the joints of the legs and encouraging energy flow from the soles of the feet through the lower back and abdomen.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidneys and the Water Element hold our vital essence and are related to our bone health. In addition to the Qigong form for the Water Element, exercises that develop core strength and involve deep abdominal breathing are the best to practice during this cold season. We develop our strength and physical foundation, and in the Spring time we begin to circulate that energy through more dynamic exercises that stimulate the liver and the Wood Element. Enjoy this excerpt from my online course, “The Five Elements – Affirmations and Qigong,” and give Qigong for the Water Element a try!

Qigong for the Water Element

The video segment is just one sample of over an hour of video content in my online course that also includes audio materials such as guided meditations for each of the Elements. The course provides written materials as well, that inform you of the most important correlations of the 5 Elements. For example, it shares what negative emotions are related with each Element, and provides meditations and exercises to release these negative emotions.

Check out our full weekly schedule of Qigong classes that we offer at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health. We also plan on providing a Qigong instructor course in April. Make sure to sign-up for our "Qigong Report" email list on our Qigong page to stay up to date with all things Qigong, and take advantage of our special rate of $135 for a 12 class punchard while it lasts!

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