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Qigong is Online!

Over the last several months Adam and the production team have been working hard to create over 45 Qigong and Meditation instructional videos! You can now subscribe to the VeriWell Patreon account to gain access to all of these videos. We already have hours of material posted and additional content will be shared on a weekly basis! Adam is sharing every Qigong and Meditation exercise he has ever presented, so please enjoy and join the Patreon community!

Massage Update

Willow Humphrey has recently started a sabbatical from massage, and we hope she will return soon. This leaves us with no massage therapists currently contracted with insurance providers. However, we are working speedily to get the newest member of our massage therapist team, Melissa Scudder, on board with insurance billing (should be a month or so). In the meantime, you can schedule appointments with Melissa at our affordable out of pocket rates by clicking here!

Acupuncture Upgrade

With the addition of our stock of Qigong videos, our acupuncture patients will now receive prescriptive exercise videos via email after their appointments. We are working on getting this system online, and you should expect to receive videos to assist you in your wellness goals following any acupuncture session you receive beginning September 1. Schedule an acupuncture appointment by clicking here!

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