Qigong Party!

Relax, Rejuvenate, and Restore

Are you looking for ways to maneuver wisely through unusually stressful times? Although stress is certainly harmful in excess, it may also serve as a wake-up call for us to re-connect to an ever-present peace within us. Feeling peace within - that’s what we aim to do at the Qigong Wellness Event on Saturday, June 25!

Have you been struggling to set aside time for self-care and wellness? Well, we’ve opened a window of opportunity for you! Here’s the breakdown of the schedule for our event:

Location: Ashland Hills Inn, 2525 Ashland St, Ashland, Oregon

9:00-10:15 – Qigong with Adam

10:15-10:45 – Break for acupuncture, chair massage, tarot readings

10:45-12:00 – Qigong with Adam

12:00-12:30 – Break for acupuncture, chair massage, tarot readings

12:30-1:45 – Qigong with Adam

Sessions for acupuncture, chair massage, and tarot readings may be limited. Priority will be given to the first to register. $85 covers all activities for the day!

What to bring: A yoga mat or two, a sitting cushion (if you use one for meditation).

Each Qigong session will be a unique, joyful, mind-body adventure to cultivate vitality, energy, and spirit! Register today – we look forward to seeing you there. Call us at 541-301-7040 if you have any questions.

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