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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Schedule Community or Private acupuncture on Friday, January 10th and meet with Adam Holtey for a FREE 10-minute Qigong Consultation! Adam has been teaching Qigong for almost 20 years and would love to share with you tried and true practices of Chinese Medicine that put the power to heal into your own hands.

Adam will be teaching Qigong classes at least 2 times per month (see below) beginning this month and is also available for private sessions.

Discounted Private Acupuncture

We're extedning the discounted rates for private acupuncture sessions through the month of January. With some treatment plans you can lower the rate per session to only $75! Private appointments may provide additional treatment modalities (when indicated) that aren't availalble in Community sessions, such as: electroacupuncture, cupping, gua sha, ear seeds, Tui Na (Chinese body work), and Qigong. Book a private session today!

Qigong Club

The Qigong Club starts on Saturday, January 18, with a 2-hour session with Adam Holtey. The price to join the club is only $39 per month, which includes at least 2 extended sessions with Adam, weekly evening classes with additional Qigong instructors, weekly practice sessions with other students, and other Qigong-related events that promote healing, longevity, and well-being. This is an incredible value for tools that give you what is certainly one of the most tried and true methods for self-management of your health and happiness. Join the club!

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