Willow Returns, Shares New Modalities!

Willow Humphrey, LMT, has returned to Community Acupuncture + Natural Health after 2 years taking the foundations course in herbalism and ayurveda at the Hawthorn Institute. We are so glad to have her back practicing massage therapy, and she returns sharing two new healing modalities: CBD oil massage and Craniosacral/Reiki sessions.

A massage with Willow is deep, relaxing and thorough. Working with the body as a whole unit, she focuses on clearing blocked energy channels throughout the many layers of the body, from the deep tissues and bones to the energetic field. She utilizes integrative therapies combining swedish, deep tissue/myofascial release, manual kinesthetic therapy, thai, breema, craniosacral, reiki and healing sound frequencies.

Willow now offers a CBD herbal healing massage using infused oil blends she crafts herself! She is also excited to share more in the realms of craniosacral and reiki. As an off-shoot of osteopathy, craniosacral therapy works with the cranial fluid rhythm, which reverberates throughout the connective tissues and the bones. It is also believed that the energy meridians reside in the connective tissue or fascia network. Using a light touch which tunes into this subtle rhythm, the body is supported and allowed to unwind naturally, activating the body's ability to self-heal and release blockages. Willow combines these techniques with reiki, channeling the universal chi energy through her hands to bring healing and light into the body.

Come and experience for yourself... make your appointment today! You can schedule online with Willow or call 541-301-7040.

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