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We have a solid team of Licensed Massage Therapists that love working at our studio and providing you with excellence in care!

Kerry Anne is a Diviner.


She holds a clear and safe space for you. In each session she tunes into your questions and concerns. She listens for what most wants to happen in each moment, which deck to use, which cards to pull. Her intention is always that the clearest messages come through in order to support your highest good from where you are sitting at the time of the reading. 


Kerry Anne comes by her gifts naturally, following in the matriarchal line of her birth family. She received her first Tarot deck in 1993 and has a deep practice of and connection with the symbolic language of this form. She formally studied the Tarot as a staff member of the Omega Institute for Wholistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York.


Each reading is unique to the moment and Kerry Anne trusts the process as it unfolds. Sitting with her is an opportunity to sit with yourself and gain clarity around how your life is wanting to work with you for your benefit and your growth. Her invitation to you is this:


‘Come show up for yourself.

I’ll be there.’

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